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Welcome to Tawazi

Making it easier to manage renewables

Machine learning and Tawazi’s fully customised software let you visualise, analyse, and better manage renewable energy.

Energy works better powered by Tawazi

Data-driven decisions, and custom automations, help you to overcome your energy challenges.

Your software, for your needs

Tawazi understands that the way you operate is unique. We create custom solutions that solve your specific energy challenges. This way, you get software that fits – and grows with – your business.

Get more out of your business


Our custom visualisation dashboards will give your team a deeper and more focused view of renewable energy data.


The more you know, the more you can streamline your operations. Understanding your renewable energy usage helps you to maximise its distribution; the Tawazi platform gives you the information you need to make smarter spend decisions.

What we will do for you


We leverage machine learning to better manage renewable energy, helping companies invest renewable energy back into the grid.


Customised software connects to your infrastructure to provide visualisations and analytics, automating data driven decisions to track, manage, and optimise generated, consumed, and stored renewable energy.


Our smart metering techniques allow you to collect and control energy usage without any human interface.

Why Tawazi?

With years in the field, and still more of specific research into the challenges faced by energy companies in Oman today, we have developed a seamless solution that can be further customised to fit your infrastructure.

We’re dedicated to your success

Tawazi is the only Omani company entirely focused on helping companies achieve the best possible management of renewable energy.

Energy is the foundation of the Omani economy; we want to boost the efficiency of the renewable energy sector to ensure it becomes the backbone of our future.

We know what you need

The Tawazi team has the expertise and experience you expect of a world-class software solution used by respected institutions such as Sultan Qaboos University.

Beyond that, we are laser-focused on optimising renewable energy assets to grow this exciting and pivotal sector.

Tawazi lets you monitor, manage, and optimise renewable energy distribution – to save time, improve efficiency, and ultimately push the limits of renewables for a brighter future.

Our vision

We exist to serve Oman’s renewable energy sector.

Because energy is both the foundation and the future of our country.

We’d love to hear from you

Renewable energy management in Oman


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